Faith Baptist Church is enthusiastically involved in local, national, and international missions. We also encourage our young people and adults to become involved in missionary endeavors through annual missionary trips, both international and state-side. Below is a list of the missionaries and agencies we support.


  • Jenks, Peter & Mary Lou (BCP)
  • Phillips, Doug & Karen (FBM) – Horizon, Translation
  • Thomas, Gil & Denise (ABWE) Good Soil Project
  • Williams, Karen; Hayley, Dustin, Lacey (CBM)
  • Wyant, Gordon & Cindy (BMM)
  • Yeater, Ron & Sherry (CBM – Camp Gilead)


  • Craig, Kent & Kelly (ABWE) – Executive Director for the Asia Pacific and East Asia
  • Darling, Tim & Pam (BMM) – Spain
  • Marine, Chris & Diane (FBM) – West Africa Regional Coordinator
  • Oliva, Patricio (Adelphos) – Chile
  • Reiner, Jonathan & Jenny; J.D., Jakobseen (Jakey), Jillian, Juleah (BMM) – Brazil
  • Spoto, Jim & Lori; Jonathan (ABWE) – Italy


  • Baptist Builders Club
  • Faith Baptist Mission
  • Shepherds Ministries