Student Ministries (7th – 12th)

Welcome to Faith Baptist Student Ministries! Our student ministries seek to worship God and equip our students and parents to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. Everything we do aims to glorify God and help us to thoroughly enjoy Him in our lives. All students in grades 7th-12th are welcome to join us, and parents are always invited as well. Below are some of the things we do regularly.

SUNDAY SCHOOL – Every Sunday at 9:30am 

We are currently working through a curriculum provided by Answers In Genesis. Our 7th and 8th graders are separate from our high school class for a more focused discussion, and we have adult classes that parallel the same discussion happening in our student ministries Sunday school time. Both classes are in the Family Life Center (FLC), in room 15 (7th-8th) and 17 (9th-12th).  

YOUTH GROUP – Every Wednesday from 6:15-8:15pm

Our Wednesday night gathering has 3 focuses: games, worship, and fellowship. From 6:15-6:30 in the FLC we have open gym time in which students can shoot hoops, play ping pong, hang out, or whatever they would like to do. From 6:30-7 we have a more structured game that we encourage all to participate in. At 7, we move over to room 17 for announcements and to join our student led worship team in praising God together. After that, Pastor Austin preaches and challenges our students to be more like Christ. We finish our night by breaking up into small groups to discuss the sermon and pray for each other. 


We believe that the primary spiritual authority in our students lives are the parents who have been uniquely grown by God to bring up their children in the way of the Lord. For that reason, we care greatly about partnering with our parents to minister to our students. Each quarter, Pastor Austin hosts a meeting to talk about how things have been going, what challenges we might be facing, and to look forward at the next quarter. We hope that this helps you as a parent to feel involved with the growth of the student ministries at Faith Baptist Church.


We use an App and website called ‘Band’ to send out weekly updates to parents and students. Parents get an update each Wednesday about what will be talked about in youth group that night so that you can continue the conversation at home. Students are reminded about events, participate in discussion, and have a private social media to engage their friends with. All of our communication regarding our student ministries is centralized in ‘Band’ so if you want to know what’s going on, make sure you join in!

Parent Band Invitation:
Student Band Invitation:

Any event outside of our normal meeting times will require a parent or guardian to fill out a registration form. Please fill that out here and your student will be good to join our events for the school year: