The Risk Management Committee exists to ensure that Faith Baptist Church provides a safe environment for all persons at Faith Baptist Church.  The committee consists of several church members who meet monthly to evaluate the different ministries of our church.  We are responsible for the screening of all those who work with minors at FBC.  We also provide oversight for every activity sponsored by FBC to ensure that a safe environment exists.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Forms for those seeking to become Approved Workers:

Becoming an approved worker begins by being a Member of FBC for at least 6 months

  • Policies & Procedures – This document details the specific policies and procedures which we follow at Faith Baptist Church (FBC).  It is to be read by all those desiring to work with minors at FBC.
  • Worker Enlistment Form – This is the form that must be completed by all adults seeking to work with minors in any ministry of FBC.
  • Worker Enlistment Form (Minors) – This form must be completed by all minors seeking to work in a leadership role with other minors in any ministry of FBC.  An example of this would be any teenager who wishes to help in our Awana or Upward ministries.
  • Reference Form – All workers, both adults and minors, must submit two references.  These forms are to be given to a non-relative who has known the worker for at least three years.  The reference is to complete the form and then return it directly to FBC.
  • SafeChurch Training – Watch a 20-minute video and take a 20-question test. Click here for instructions. Visit to complete the training.
  • Driver Questionaire – Periodically, we must obtain an updated MVR (motor vehicle record) on an approved worker.  This form must be completed giving the authorization to obtain an updated MVR.


Forms for Ministry Leaders:

  • Activity Request Form – This form is to be completed and submitted to the Risk Management Committee prior to any activity.  (pdf version)
  • Activity Summary Form – This form is to be completed after every activity is completed. (pdf version)
  • Incident Report – This form is to be completed after any significant event.  Examples would include when a child gets injured or when a child misbehaves significantly.