On Wednesday, October 24th, The Ledger published an article entitled, “Plan to Require Evolution to Be Taught in Schools.” Personally, the article was revolting and very discouraging. On the one hand, I understand that this is to be expected. I shouldn’t really be surprised. This sort of thing has been happening all over our country for a long time. On the other hand, it is much more irksome when it hits close to home. This is what will be taught to my daughter if we choose public education for her.

The irony of this is that they (the State Department of Education) would say that they are simply taking religion out of the classroom in favor of science. In reality, what they are doing is forcing religion upon these children. It is a religion that says there is no God. It is a religion that says that there is no higher power. It says there is no supreme authority in this universe. Consider the ramifications of that last statement.

There is another irony in this. Christians are often labeled as being intolerant. We believe that there is one way to heaven and only one way. All other ways are wrong and individuals who follow another path are ultimately headed to hell. That is what we believe and because of that we often are accused of being intolerant of other views. Now we have the State Department of Education doing the same thing. They say that they believe “life, including plants, animals and humans, developed through a series of small changes over very long periods of time.” In other words, they believe in evolutionary science and that all other beliefs are wrong. Somehow, they get a pass on being labeled intolerant by the media.

What does this mean for us? For me, it forces me to think long and hard about my daughter’s education, even though she is still several years away from beginning school. Do I want my daughter learning in a school system which, beginning in third grade, will teach her that our world came into existence because of some random explosion millions of years ago? Do I want her taught that this theory is the only scientific explanation for how we came into existence? Or, do I want her taught that an All-Powerful Sovereign God created her in His image?

I challenge you to seriously consider this issue and the ramifications of it. Educate yourself. Take an active part in your children’s education by becoming aware of what they are being taught.


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