While thinking about bird feeders and how birds approach them to eat, I started comparing that to how we approach the Word of God.

As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby: (1Pe 2:2)

Thy word is very pure: therefore thy servant loveth it. (Psa 119:140)
I rejoice at thy word, as one that findeth great spoil. (Psa 119:162)
Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. (Psa 119:105)
How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth! (Psa 119:103)

Hummer at Feeder, Camp Carlson, KYHere are some of my thought about birds at my feeders:

Hummingbird Feeders (Hummingbirds and Orioles)

  • Defend It – could be protictive of the Word or keep chasing off others and become distracted.
  • Share It (sometimes) – Found nutrition and wants to share it
  • Drink on the Wing – In a hurry, made that way
  • Sit Sometimes – Enjoy it and reflect
  • Keep Returning Often – Can’t get enough, or realzes that it’s worth returning to often, needs it to live.
  • Deep Drink or Sip In-and-out – Long reading or get ‘N’ go)
Suet Feeders (Woodpeckers, Titmice, Nuthatches, etc 
  • Cling to it – (no landing perch) Hangs on to it
  • Red-bellied Woodpecker on Suet FeederHang On It – even upside down – From different angles, study word, checking all verses
Regular Feeders (Most birds)
  • Some eat until stuffed (Doves)
  • Some take one piece and fly off
  • Some stuff seed in crop and go feed others
  • Some chase others away – even if not eating themselves
  • Some crowd in and push others away
  • Some pick and choose – just want part of Word or sermons
  • Some throw seed to the ground in their search
  • Some wait underneath to get scraps (ground feeders) – Consider it “food from Above”

The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple. The statutes of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart: the commandment of the LORD is pure, enlightening the eyes. The fear of the LORD is clean, enduring forever: the judgments of the LORD are true and righteous altogether. More to be desired are they than gold, yea, than much fine gold: sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb. Moreover by them is thy servant warned: and in keeping of them there is great reward. (Psa 19:7-11 KJV)

All pictures taken by Dan.


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