Paraiba state in BrazilBecause of Jared leaving for Brazil to become a missionary and we already have a missionary there (Reiners), I was wondering if they might see different Birds of the Bible than we see up here in North America. So, this is the result of that search. The first thing I found out is that “Brazil has one of the richest bird diversities in the world, with more than 1700 species of birds, about 57% of the bird species recorded for all of South America. That fact was enough to make me realize I might be busy for awhile doing this. With the help of “Avibase – the world bird database” I was able to narrow the list down to Paraiba, a State, in Brazil, which is the area of both our missionaries.

Technically all birds are mentioned in the Bible because the Lord created them on the fifth day of creation. The list here is only of the “named” kinds in the Bible.

The Slide Show below has most of the bird “kinds” of Paraiba, Brazil mentioned in the Bible. The (same) means that they are seen here in the U. S.

Over 90% of the Photos are from the World Bird Guide.

  • Quails – Spot-winged Wood-Quail
  • Cormorants – Neotropic Cormorant (here)
  • Bitterns – Pinnated Bitterns
  • Heron – Cocoi, Tricolored (here), Little Blue (here), Striated, Black-crowned and Yellow-crowned Night-Herons (here), Boat-billed Heron, Rufescent Tiger-Herons, and Zigzag Heron
  • Storks – Wood Stork (here) and Jabiru
  • Vultures – American Black and Turkey (here), Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture, Andean Condor, King Vulture
  • Osprey – Osprey (here)
  • Kites – Gray-headed, Swallow-tailed (here), Pearl, White-tailed (here), Snail (here), Slender-billed, Double-toothed, Plumbeous Kites
  • Hawks – Tiny, Sharp-shinned, Bicolored , Crane, White-necked, Mantled, Rufous Crab-Hawk, Great Black-Hawk, Savanna, Harris’s , Black-collared, Gray, Roadside, Short-tailed (here), White-tailed (here), Zone-tailed (here)
  • Eagles – Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle, Crested, Harpy, Black-and-white Hawk-Eagle, Black Hawk-Eagle, Ornate Hawk-Eagle
  • Falcons Family – Laughing, Barred Forest-Falcon, Lined Forest-Falcon, Collared Forest-Falcon, American Kestrel (here), Aplomado and Peregrine Falcon (here), Bat Falcon and Orange-breasted Falcon, Southern and Yellow-headed Caracara
  • Lapwings – Pied and Southern Lapwing
  • Doves – Eared, Scaled, White-tipped (here), and Grey-fronted Doves
  • Ground-Doves – Common, Plain-breasted, Ruddy (here), Picui, Blue
  • Quail-Doves – Violaceous and Ruddy (here)
  • Pigeons – Rock (here), Picazuro, Pale-vented
  • Cuckoos – Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Pearly-breasted Cuckoo, Mangrove Cuckoo, Dark-billed Cuckoo, Squirrel Cuckoo, Little Cuckoo, Guira Cuckoo, Striped Cuckoo,
  • Owls – Barn Owl (here), Great Horned (here), Mottled, Crested, Spectacled, Burrowing (here), Buff-fronted, Striped Owls
  • Screech Owls – Tropical
  • Pygmy-Owls – Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl
  • Nighthawks and Nightjars – Short-tailed Nighthawk, Least Nighthawk, Least Nighthawk, Lesser Nighthawk (here), Common Nighthawk (here), Nacunda Nighthawk, Common Pauraque, Ocellated Poorwill, Rufous Nightjar, Little Nightjar, Scissor-tailed Nightjar, Pygmy Nightjar
  • Swifts – White-collared (here), Biscutate, Fork-tailed Palm-Swift and Lesser Swallow-tailed Swift
  • Swallows – Brown-chested Martin, Gray-breasted Martin; White-winged, Blue-and-white, Southern Rough-winged, Collared Sand Martin/Bank Swallow (here), Barn (here) Swallows
  • Sparrows – Pectoral, Saffron-billed, Grassland, Rufous-collared and House (here) Sparrows

Birds of the Bible that are missing in Paraiba, Brazil are the Cranes, Hoopoe, Partridge, Peacock, Pelicans, Ravens, Swan, Pelicans. At least from what I can find out so far.


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