I was listening to a sermon on my ipod this morning and the speaker made an interesting point. As Christians, we hold to a view called Sola Fide, which is a fancy way of saying that we believe we are saved by faith alone. We are not saved by works or by anything else. Salvation is by Faith alone. Sola Fide.

The speaker then mentioned that most people in the world have replaced Sola Fide with Sola Morte. They have replaced “by Faith alone” with “by death alone.” His point was that most people simply believe that all they have to do to get to heaven (or paradise or whatever they think comes next) is die. They live their life however they want and then expect to go to Heaven upon their death. They believe in Salvation by Death Alone. Sola Morte. How sad and tragic.

Always remember, Salvation is by Faith Alone. Sola Fide!

(The sermon was preached by a man named Brad Wheeler. He preached it at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC on August 30th, 2009. The title of his message was What’s Your Life’s Return on Investment ~ Matthew 25:14-30. You can download the message here.)


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