Welcome to a new series of blog posts entitled Real Men are Kind.

I believe that if you asked most men “Do you Love your wife?” they would immediately answer “Yes!” However, I believe that if you ask those same men “Are you kind to your wife?” they would answer “well….”

Kindness is not easy. For most of us it does not come naturally. We have to work at it. I think that we (husbands) often assume that we are being kind when in reality our wives would tell a different story.

So, my goal in this series is to offer tips to help you show kindness to your wife. Anybody can be mean and ornery. Be a real man. Be kind.

Tip #1

Wash the Dishes – At my house there are many things that I can’t do because I would only make things worse. I can’t decorate – because my wife would have to come behind me and fix it. I can’t organize my wife’s papers or files because she would never find them. I can’t fix my daughters’ hair – it would only make it more difficult for my wife. But, there is one thing I can’t mess up. I can clean the dishes. I know how to wash them. I know which things can go in the dishwasher and which things have to be washed by hand. I know where things go when they are clean. So, there is no excuse for me to not help with the dishes. The problem is that I don’t always feel like doing the dishes. But, I’ve learned that washing the dishes is an act of kindness that communicates to my wife that I love her. It is a small thing to do that makes a powerful statement.

Be a Real Man. Be Kind. Wash the Dishes.


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