Tip #4 – Turn off the TV

Have you ever tried to tak to somebody and you soon realize that they are so distracted that they aren’t even able to listen to you? Perhaps they’re on the computer, or on the phone, or watching TV. Guys, we have the reputation of being glued to the TV watching football or whatever else pointless just in on. We tell our wives and our children, “Gimme just a second…” Yet, twenty minutes later, we are still watching TV and our families are still waiting to talk to us.

A kind man turns the TV off so that he can devote all of his attention to his wife. Is the Daytona 500 really more important than talking with your wife about something that is important to her? What about Guitar Hero? or whatever Video game happens to be your ‘flavor?’ Are any of them more important than your wife. No, of course not! It is unkind to tell your wife that you can tallk with her “after the game is over.”

Now, I have to admit that I struggle tremendously with this. I am always trying to multi-task. Often, I’m watching TV while working on my computer and thinking about something else totally unrelated to the TV or my computer. So, when my wife begins to talk to me I have to physically turn off all distractions and mentally focus my mind so that I can listen attentively. Sometimes, that is incredibly hard to do. But, it is the kind thing to do.

Let’s be real men. Let’s be kind. Let’s turn off the TV.


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