Out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast of the field and every bird of the air, and brought them to Adam to see what he would call them. And whatever Adam called each living creature, that was its name. So Adam gave names to all cattle, to the birds of the air, and to every beast of the field… (Genesis 2:19-20a NKJV)

It would be nice to know which birds Adam named and what he named them. Today, the birds we see around the world are variations from those original bird kinds. The names that they now have are different, but, if Adam were to name the birds living today, do you think he might have use these current names on the birds?

Below are some bird names that have caught my attention and you can almost visualize something about them:

A – Amazon, Antbird, Antpitta, Antshrike, Antvireo, Antwren, Apostlebird, Awlbill
B – Babbler, Bamboowren, Barbtail, Barbthroat, Bare-eye, Barwing, Baywing, Bee-eater, Bellbird, Berryeater, Berrypecker, Bird-of-paradise, Bishop, Blackbird, Blackcap, Blackeye, Black-headed, Blackstart, Blackthroat, Bleeding-heart, Bluebill, Bluewing, Bluebird, Bluebonnet, Bluetail, Bluethroat, Boatbill, Bowerbird, Brilliant, Bristlebill, Bristlebird, Broadbill, Bronzewing, Brushrunner, Bushbird, Bush-hen
C – Canvasback, Cardinal, Catbird, Chat, Chatterer, Cicadabird, Comet, Conebill, Cowbird, Creeper, Crestentchest, Crimsonwing, Crossbill, Cuckoo
Booted Racket-tail (Ocreatus underwoodii) by IanD – Darkeye, Darter, Dipper, Dollarbird, Dove
E – Earthcreeper, Emerald
F – Fairy, Fairy-bluebird, Fairywren, Fantail, Fieldwren, Figbird, Finfoot, Fireback, Firecrest, Firecrown, Fire-eye, Firefinch, Firetail, Firethroat, Flamecrest, Flatbill, Flicker, Flowerpecker, Flowerpiecer, Flufftail, Flycatcher, Foliage-gleaner, Forktail, Friarbird, Frigatebird, Frogmouth, Fruitcrow, Fruiteater, Fruithunter
G – Gnatcatcher, Gnatwren, Go-away-bird, Goldcrest, Goldenback, Goldeneye, Goldenthroat, Goldfinch, Grassbird, Grassquit, Grasswren, Greytail, Groundcreeper, Groundpecker, Guineafowl
H – Hardhead, Helmetcrest, Helmetshrike, Hermit, Hillstar, Hobby, Honeybird, Honeycreeper, Honeyeater, Honeyguide, Hookbill, Hornbill, Hummingbird
J – Jewel-babbler, Jewelfront, Junglefowl
K – Kingbird, Kingfisher, Kite, Knot,
L – Laughingthrush, Leafbird, Leaftosser, Longbill, Longclaw, Longtail, Lovebird
M – Marshbird, Metaltail, Mockingbird, Monarch, Morepork, Mountaingem, Mourner, Mousebird, Mudnester
Carmine BeeEater by Marc at AfricaddictN – Needletail, Nighthawk, Nunbird, Nutcracker, Nuthatch
O – Oilbird, Openbill, Ovenbird, Oxpecker, Oystercatcher
P – Palmchat, Palmcreeper, Pewee, Pilotbird, Pintail, Prickletail, Puffback, Puffbird, Puffleg
R – Racket-tail, Rail, Razorbill, Recurvebill, Redhead, Redwing, Rockfinch, Rockfowl, Rockjumper, Rockrunner, Rockwarbler, Rockwren, Roller, Rushbird
S – Sabrewing, Saddleback, Sanderling, Sandgrouse, Sandpiper, Sapphire, Sapphirewing, Sapsucker, Screamer, Screech, Scrubbird, Scrubfowl, Scrubtit, Scrubwren, Secretarybird, Seedcracker, Seedeater, Sheathbill, Shieldbill, Shoebill, Shortwing, Shoveler, Sicklebill, Silktail, Silverbird, Skimmer, Snowcock, Snowfinch, Softtail, Solitaire, Spadebill, Spatuletail, Spiderhunter, Spinebill, Spinetail, Spoonbill, Standardwing, Starfrontlet, Starthroat, Stilt, Stichbird, Straightbill, Streamcreeper, Streamertail, Stubtail, Sugarbird, Sunangel, Sunbeam, Sunbird, Sunbittern, Sungem, Surfbird, Swift
T – Tailorbird, Tattler, Thicketbird, Thick-knee, Thistletail, Thornbill, Tinkerbird, Trainbearer, Treecreeper, Treehunter, Treepie, Treerunner, Treeswift, Trembler, Triller, Tropicbird, Trumpeter, Tuftedcheek, Tyrant
U – Umbrellabird
V – Violetear, Visorbearer
W – Wagtail, Wallcreeper, Warbler, Waxbill, Waxwing, Weaver, Weebill, Wheatear, Whipbird, Whistler, White-eye, Whiteface, Whitethroat, Whitetip, Widowbird, Winter, Wiretail, Woodcock, Woodcreeper, Woodhen, Woodhaunter, Woodpecker, Woodstar
Y – Yellowbrow, Yellowhammer, Yellowlegs, Yellowthroat

Birds – Common Kingfisher by Phil Kwong, Booted Racket-tail by Ian, Carmine BeeEater by Africaddict
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