This past Sunday, April 4th, was April Faith Day. It is the day we collect our annual April Faith Day Offering. We praise the Lord that over $60,000 was generously given. I am always fascinated by the “stats” of any offering and thought I would share a few of them with you. All of these stats are as of Sunday, April 4th.

  • Total Offering – $60,104.65
  • Total Number of gifts – 103
  • Amount of smallest gift – $1.00
  • Amount of largest gift – $8,000 (there were 2 of these gifts)
  • Average gift – $583.54

An interesting side note is to consider that in addition to the April Faith Day offering, the General Fund offering was over $24,000. When you add in all of the designated funds, over $86,000 was deposited in the bank on Monday morning.


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