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I was hoping to have some great news about the sale of the camp, but the process has been delayed. The contract for the sale of the camp was signed a month ago. The buyer then took the contract to the town council for their approval. They have approved the contract for the sale of the property. We then thought that everything was on go and the sale would be finalized. There was and is just one holdup in the works. It is election time here and the mayor of the city must sign off on the documents to make them official. The current mayor is running for governor and is too busy to sign anything as of right now. We have to wait until elections are over and then the document will get signed and Lord willing the contract will be finalized. Elections are scheduled for the first of October. That is the news at present on the camp property. We have held off in looking for new property until the contract is official.

The current camp is still there and going. There are not too many activities scheduled at this time. We have an event there the end of this week and one scheduled in October. It has been hard to plan much for the camp because of the pending sale of the property. Once the sale is final we will then plan on taking everything from the camp we wish to save as soon as possible. We really are hoping to do this before I leave to return to Florida in November. We believe we can get this done, but it will be a lot of work to finish.

The church here that is sponsoring me to come to Brazil has been working on the documents they need for my visa. The pastor is to go to a town council meeting and have the council vote to recognize the church as a corporation and doing business as a church. Once this has been done the church will be able to get the rest of the paperwork needed for me to bring to the consulate in Miami. The process can take some time to get the paperwork so please be in prayer that this process goes smoothly.

I decided a couple of months ago to start running. The first few days wasn’t very far, but I have stuck with it and kept running. You should see the looks on people when they see me run by for the first time. I do believe they are speechless at first. They probably spend the next hour calling all of their friends and telling them what they just saw. I don’t think that they have ever seen an American like me and running also. I have enjoyed running very much. It has helped me get into shape and somewhat relax. I will have to say that there was this one incident I had with a dog. I will have to tell you that this was not just any dog. This dog was ………………. (You are going to have to wait til I get home to hear the rest) Just a little something to keep you interested.

Thank you for all your prayers. I sure need them. In HIS Service, Jared

Jared Malcolm is a Faith’s 100 missionary.  He currently serves at a camp ministry in Brazil.  


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