This past month has really flown by for me here in Brazil. There is still no news as of yet on the camp sale. We should be hearing some things very soon now that the elections are upon us now. We are praying that the final paperwork will come quickly, and then we can really begin the search for new property. We had a successful retreat at the camp a few saturdays ago. The next scheduled event is a get together for everyone as a final day at the camp once we get the final paperwork.

As far as I go I am doing just fine. I learn something new everyday here in Brazil. From things to buy and also where to buy things for the best price. There is so much for me to learn here that I take for granted while in Florida. It is so much easier to get things done in Florida than it is here in Joao Pessoa. This has been one of the hardest things to adjust to for me.

I am still continuing to run everyday. The other day while out on the streets someone pulled up and asked for directions. I was able to tell them to drive ahead and then make a right turn and continue on ahead. Now I know that you all are really proud of me right now because I was able to tell someone in Portuguese some directions. However, I had no idea what the place was they were going and no idea of the directions to get there. I made sure I walked away fast. I did tell them my name though Pr. Pedro from Florida (Portuguese for Pastor Peter). They are probably still talking about that Pastor from Florida that gave them some directions.

I also had an adventure at an indoor go-kart track. The first was the driving suit they wanted everyone to wear was too small. Then when I got to the car they moved the seat all the way back. The steering wheel was still between my knees. The steering wheel was also egged shaped so everytime I turned it would stuck on my legs. I would have to fight to just get the kart straight again. The last problem was with the seat all the way back I was litterally on top of the engine. I have heard of the saying “The roof is on fire” well the roof wasn’t on fire that night, but I can sure tell you that the BACK PORCH really got warm.   I still had fun though representing the USA and came in second. I guess that tells you I watch too much NASCAR.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support.

In His service,



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