Do you ever stop and think about the freedom we enjoy in this country? We owe a tremendous debt to those men and women who have served in our armed forces so that we might remain free in this country. And yet we so often forget their sacrifices. All have sacrificed time. Many have sacrificed their lives. Some have sacrificed limbs or eyesight or hearing. Just walk around a veterans’ hospital one day, and look at the permanent wounds of those who have made some kind of sacrifice for this country.

But we so often take those sacrifices–and the reason they were made–for granted. Tragically, our country has forsaken, bit by bit, its original calling. Consequently, those who have served–including those who died in battle–might be dismayed at how far we’ve drifted from being one nation under God. One writer asked a disturbing question in a letter to the editor: “What would the veterans who died in World War I, World War II, Vietnam, and Korea–by the hundreds of thousands–say if they could see the lifestyle in the United States today? Would they say, ‘Is this what I gave my life for? Was it worth it?'” So many in our country have taken liberty too far, using the term to justify whatever they want to do.

Tomorrow is Veterans Day.  Let’s remember those who served this country. Let’s also pray earnestly for our nation and its leadership–particularly those newly elected to office–that we would turn around and repent so that we may not lose our freedom, so that all those who have fought will not have done so in vain. God promises clemency for the nation that repents.

(Taken, in part, from New Every Morning by Dr. D. James Kennedy.)


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