1. Florida. I love living here. I’m thankful for sunshine, verdant growth, rain, breezes, palm trees, blue skies, gray skies, love-bugs. Mild winters. Senior citizens. Citrus. Beaches. History. No state income tax.
  2. Children. I have no kids, but I enjoy other people’s children. The Lord used preschool kids to show me His fruit in my life. For seven years I taught in the preschool department of my previous church. God made me gentle, patient, kind, and loving in ways that the younger me could never have imagined. He recently let me interact with children in Haiti, and I loved it. I’m thankful for them and for the opportunity.

    Jonita and Gayel, one of the Haitian
    children she met on her trip to Haiti
  3. My ladies’ Sunday School class. One day in Helen VanHorn’s home, our class took turns sharing prayer requests, as well as just talking. The Lord put in my heart a love for each lady there. And, wonder of wonders, He put love for me in their hearts. Each one is a blessing and encouragement to me! I am so thankful for them.
  4. My “Other Mothers.” My parents became missionaries my senior year in high school. They stayed in Brazil, I came to the States. They moved to Portugal, I moved to Illinois. I rarely saw them, but God provided me with women who mothered me, particularly a lady named Connee Woolford. Now my mother is in Heaven, but God has blessed me with “other mothers” at Faith: Sandy Campbell and Ellen Balsley. I am very thankful to have them in my life!
  5. Sisters who are friends. My closest sister is 19-months younger than me. When we were little we fought a lot. Now we’re good friends. She encourages me in my walk with God. My other sister is nearly seven years younger than me, but in many ways she’s the older sister. She lives in Lakeland and takes good care of me. She is my best friend. I’m so thankful for my sisters.

    Jonita with two sisters, Lori and Sandy
  6. Heaven. I am thankful that God the Son is preparing a place in Heaven for me so that I can spend eternity with God in a place that is more beautiful, peaceful, and glorious than any place on earth—and there are many spectacular places on earth. I am thankful for the millions of believers who will be there and for the perfect love we will share then.
  7. The Word of God. Without it, we would know so little about God. I am thankful that it never becomes old; it always has something to say to wherever my life is at the moment.
  8. God and salvation. Wow! I am thankful that God is love as well as just. I’m thankful that His character drove Him to provide salvation. I’m thankful He chose to glorify Himself by saving me instead of letting me continue on my way to Hell!


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