Are you one who makes New Year’s resolutions? If so, allow me to offer five resolutions, based on Proverbs 3:1-10, that can contribute to an excellent year, perhaps even to a successful life.

  1. Keep God’s commands for a long and happy life.
  2. Live by mercy and truth for popularity and a good reputation.
  3. Trust in and acknowledge the Lord for direction and guidance.
  4. Fear the Lord, and forsake evil for good health.
  5. Honor and give to the Lord your possessions for financial well-being.

Note that if you follow each of these “resolutions” (i.e., commands of God), you should receive a  corresponding reward; however, keep in mind these are general principles, not guarantees. Probably all of us know people who live good and godly lives, but do not experience all five rewards.

While making resolutions has some value, I believe it is more important to ask God to show us: (1) what goals He has for us this year; and, (2) how we can achieve those goals through His help. If we humbly submit ourselves to Him and purpose to love Him in all that we do, then we will most definitely have a happy and spiritually prosperous year.

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