Behold, the former things are come to pass, and new things do I declare: before they spring forth I tell you of them. (Isaiah 42:9 KJV)

As most of us here at Faith desire to serve the Lord more effectively in 2011, I also desire that goal. Putting the Lord first in my life has been a goal for many years and as time goes on, it does get a “little” easier. But there are always “bumps” along the way. Also, being the best wife I can be is also an ongoing goal.

Some of my other goals include continuing to lose weight. Last year when I became one of the Rookie Women’s Coordinators, I set a goal of losing 40 pounds by the end of my 3 year term. Praise the Lord, I have lost 20 lb. so far. Pastor keeps reminding us to pray “BIG PRAYERS” and losing my weight is one of those. 40 is only the small goal within the larger goal of losing down to where I should be. Thanks for your prayers through this year to stay on track.

Blue-grey Gnatcatcher by Dan at Circle B

Praise to the Lord, my blog, “Lee’s Birdwatching Adventures” has been more successful than I ever imagined, and thanks to Stephen for even suggesting writing articles for a blog. My goals for the blog is to continue to improve it and honor the Lord through what is published in 2011. There are so many interesting birds that the Lord has created that I pray that I can find many wonders about them to tell you about. I have a goal of finding at least 2 new birds to add to my USA lifelist.

A new goal is to pursue an idea of presenting my Birds of the Bible Powerpoint presentations to students in Christian Schools or maybe Homeschool groups. Even to adult groups like Young at Heart or whatever. Last year I was able to show it to our Young at Heart and an Adult Sunday School class in Indiana. It is another of those “Big Prayers or Ideas” that is on my heart. Again, your prayers about this will be welcomed.

Let’s all serve the Lord together here at Faith. (Woodstorks at Circle B)

Another goal is to be as faithful and serving as possible to our church here at Faith Baptist. I truly love this church and all of you. We have the best pastor, staff, and members. Thanks for reading the goals of the “Bird Lady.”

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