The definition:  An object or end that one strives to attain or that which a person aims to achieve.

I ask myself this question.  Why do we want goals?  Is it a part of human competition to satisfy self ego?  Making a goal successfully, does that make me better than another person.  Does getting to the top of anything make me superior in feeling or achievement.  According to Webster’s definition, only first place claims the attainment.  However, is there not God honoring achievements for which to strive?  What of the themes of our songs that pursue this goal (i.e. Give of Your Best to the Master)?  The Bible also demands that believers strive for one God, one faith, one hope.

When I look at a new year ahead, what achievements do I set out to attain?  First, I need and want to look inside myself.  Where am I as a child of the Eternal, Everlasting, Almighty God?  Introspection is one important goal.  I also want to set some humanly attainable, heavenly targets.  Study the Bible, seek the Holy Spirit’s direction in simple things, obey God’s words, and speedily seek forgiveness.

Pointing myself to this year (2011) with these goals in mind sounds like a full year of objectives for which to be accountable.  But isn’t that what Jesus meant by, “denying self and pick up your cross and follow Him.”

I hope you will think and apply goals that will pile up crowns for Christ this year.

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