How does God measure a man?  Does He span his shoulders to test his strength?  Does he check his height to determine his leadership ability?  Does he measure his head to check his brain capacity?  The obvious answer to all these questions is obviously “no.”  God measures a man by the depth of the man’s devotion to Him.  God wraps His measuring tape around the heart.

This past Sunday night, we began a series of messages from the life of David with a sermon entitled How God Measures a Man.  In this series, we will come face to face with the man who was a celebrity, was hunted like an animal, was crowned King – all while becoming a husband and father.  We will learn about God’s grace that can transform a sinner into a person after God’s own heart.

Sunday night’s message is now available on our website.  Here are some discussion questions based on Sunday night’s message that you can use with your family around the dinner table:

  1. Most Christians are at least somewhat familiar with David’s life.  What scenes of David’s journey that we read about in the Bible come to your mind?
  2. The people of Israel thought Saul was the best choice to become king of the nation.  On what qualities did they base their choice?  (1 Samuel 9:2; 10:20-24)
  3. According to your answers to the last question, what does that reveal about the people’s motives in choosing Saul to be their king?
  4. In the sermon, we learned that God based His choice of David on the qualities of spirituality, humility, and integrity.  Do these character qualities usually take us very far in the world today?  Does the world value these character qualities?  If they do, why does it seem so difficult to find men and women who display these traits in their public lives?
  5. Of these three traits (spirituality, humility, and integrity), which one do you need to develop the most and how will you do it?
  6. Do you like the idea that God uses solitude, obscurity, monotony, and the reality of His Word to train us to be the kind of people He wants us to be?  Why or why not?

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