(photo by Paul Cleveland)

Pastor Osborne recently preached a two-part sermon on Wednesday nights entitled Samson:  A He Man with a She Weakness.  You can listen to it on our website:  Part 1 and Part 2.

He gave 5 principles from the life of Samson:

  1. Children driven by their sensuous desires can be born of spiritual parents.
  2. A sensuous person focuses on the external instead of the internal.
  3. The sensuous person usually lives a life of deception.
  4. The sensuous life leads to one anxiety after another.
  5. Sensuality can lie dormant for years, but it is never dead.

Pastor also gave a list of 12 Negative Consequences of Sexual Sin:

  1. Dragging the name of Christ through the mud
  2. Hindering the word and advance of the church
  3. Untold hurt to my best friend and loyal wife
  4. The loss of respect and trust
  5. The possibility I could destroy my marriage
  6. The loss of respect and credibility with my children
  7. The shame brought to my family
  8. The shame and hurt to the church
  9. An irretrievable loss of years of witnessing
  10. The grieving of the Holy Spirit
  11. The possibility of contracting a disease
  12. The loss of self-respect, discrediting my own name, and embarrassment upon my family

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