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Several weeks ago, I preached a message from Matthew 6:19-24 entitled Are You a Slave?  In the message we looked at the verse “No one can serve two masters” and observed that it could be better translated “No one can be a slave to two masters.”  We considered our role and identity as slaves of Jesus Christ.

Closing Poem
At the close of my message, I read a poem written by my grandmother.  It is entitled ‘The Slave Girl‘ by Anne B. Simpson.  It was written in 1951 shortly after she and my grandfather were saved at a Billy Graham crusade in Boston.

I was a slave in the market places;
Shackled and striped with sin’s cruel traces;
Chains about my ankle, bands around my wrist,
Nor knowing, nor caring of One’s loving tryst.

“Comely and black,” the auctioneer said.
“I’ll give a ruby, the deepest of red!”
“I’ll give a pearl of exceeding great worth!”
“I’ll give a diamond dug deep from the earth!”

When suddenly out of the throng stood one…
His head was as most fine gold in the sun,
His eyes were soft as the eyes of the dove,
And in His torn hands lay the cost of love.

The price was paid, the transaction done
With His own precious blood, and there was none
Could bid any dearer!  With joy I cried,
For He bought me, a slave, to be His own Bride!

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