By now, hopefully you are aware that Merlin Entertainments Group has purchased Cypress Gardens and is preparing to open LEGOLAND Florida this fall. The question I want you to think about is this:  What does this mean for FBC and what impact will LEGOLAND Florida have on FBC? 

Here are four ways I think LEGOLAND will impact FBC?

  1. Ministry – LEGOLAND will draw many visitors to Winter Haven.  It is quite possible that many of these visitors will look for a place to worship on Sundays while there are in town.  May they always find a welcoming church body inside the doors of FBC.
  2. Employment – LEGOLAND will create many new jobs.  Some reports say they will be hiring 1000 people for the park opening.  Many in our church family are in need of work.  LEGOLAND could potentially provide for these folks.
  3. Economic Growth – LEGOLAND will provide a much-needed boost to our local economy.  A new business of this size will affect nearly every other business of our economy.  It is likely that more homes will be bought.  More goods and services will be purchased from local stores and businesses.  More meals will be sold at local restaurants.  The many businesses that our church members own, operate, or work for, will most likely reap some benefits from LEGOLAND Florida’s opening.  
  4. Recreation – LEGOLAND will provide a much appreciated ‘local’ option for the families of FBC to spend time together.  I, for one, am looking forward to both ‘family date nights’ and ‘daddy-daughter date nights’ at LEGOLAND Florida.

FBC should praise God that LEGOLAND is coming to Winter Haven.  The opportunities for ministry, employment, economic growth, and recreation are vast and should have a great impact on our church family.

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