Steve Lawson (Ligonier Ministries)
  • Steve Lawson again confirmed that he is my favorite expository preacher.
  • John Piper’s insights into God’s Word humble and convict me.
  • The bookstore at the conference is wwaaaaayyyyy too tempting. That said, I did purchase the Valley of Vision on CD read by Max McLean.
  • I really need to read more Jonathan Edwards.
  • I love the term “narthex“.
  • First Baptist Church of Orlando does a great job of hosting the conference.
  • Satan’s attack on the holiness of God is directed through the degradation of His Word. – Lawson
  • I’m planning to get the books mentioned by the Lawson, Godfrey, Ferguson and Sproul Jr. on Thursday night.
  • I need to again evaluate the foundation of my joy.
  • Singing Holy, Holy, Holy on Saturday morning moved me.
  • I need to read C.S. Lewis’, The Weight of Glory.
  • I also need to drink smaller cups of coffee before John Piper speaks.
  • Found some great resources from the displays.
  • God makes much of us by making us fellow heirs with His Son, Who owns everything.” – Piper
Holy, holy, holy! Though the darkness hide thee, though the eye of sinful man thy glory may not see, only thou art holy; there is none beside thee, perfect in power, in love and purity.

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