My selection for a book to read is one mainly for our ladies. I have greatly enjoyed and have been challenged in my own life while reading, Meeting Him, by Beneth Peters Jones. I highly recommend this book. She is the wife of Dr. Bob Jones III and was also my freshmen Speech teacher. Please don’t hold my speaking inability against her. She tried.

The promo for the book states,

Jesus ministered to many women during His earthly ministry, and each one experienced something special when she met Him. View those memorable moments through the eyes of sixteen women in the New Testament, among them Mary, His mother; Peter’s mother-in-law; and Jairus’s daughter. These stories reflect our own personal relationships with Jesus Christ. Though we cannot see Him or hear His audible voice, we have the same needs and desires as those first-century women did-and He is the same caring Lord Who stands ready to heal and comfort.”

Right from the forward, my attention was caught. It is a study into each of these sixteen women. Beneth Jones has taken the Scriptures about each woman and probed behind the scene of each incident where they met our Lord. In each case, there are attitudes, motives, sins, faith and lessons to be gleened.

The women presented are in order as Christ came into contact with them. Of course his earthly mother, Mary, was the first. Then Anna, Samaratian woman, Peter’s mother-in-law, Widow of Nain, the sinful anointer, woman with an issue of blood, Jairus’s daughter and a Canaanite follow. As you continue reading the woman taken in adultery, Mary and Martha of Bethany, the bowed-together woman, Salome, widow with two mites, and finally Mary Madalene are presented and discussed.

Her “purpose is simply to encourage practical, personal application” of the lessons presented. At the end of each chapter there is a section called, “Meeting Him With Her.” At the end of the book, there is an overview where questions will help the reader to read, ponder and project (apply) the application into their lives. It would make a great Ladies Bible Study.

240 pages, softcover and can be purchased at BJU Campus Store or Amazon

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