(reviewed by Stephen Simpson)

As Christians, we have bought from the slave market of sin and are now slaves to a new master.  I have recently finished a new book that explores our identity as slaves to Christ.  John MacArthur’s new book is  entitled Slave: The Hidden Truth About Your Identity in Christ.  The slave-master relationship is present all throughout scripture but is often lost in our English translations.  Too often, ‘slave’ is translated ‘servant.’ In our minds, a servant is very different than a slave.  A servant is hired.  A slave is purchased.  MacArthur presents 5 parallels between Biblical Christianity and first-century slavery:

  1. Exclusive Ownership
  2. Complete Submission
  3. Singular Devotion
  4. Total Dependence
  5. Personal Accountability

As Christians we must embrace our identity as slaves to Christ.  Meditate on this thought

“I am a slave of Christ.  He bought me with His own blood.  Yet, He does not treat me as a slave.  He treats me as His bride.”

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In MacArthur’s book, he frequently references another book that deals with this same topic:  Slave of Christ:  A New Testament Metaphor for Total Devotion to Christ by Murray J. Harris.


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