The Lord recently blessed me with the opportunity to travel to Santiago, Chile and Pevas, Peru.  As with any missions trip, it is almost impossible to adequately communicate the sights, smells, foods, people and lessons learned. So here, in no particular order, are just a few of the many lessons I was able to learn with some random impressions mixed in.

  • Downtown Santiago, Chile reminds me of European cities.
  • We have much to learn from believers in other countries.
  • Missionaries from the US are still vitally needed in some countries.
  • Missionaries from the US may need to consider taking a back seat to the national leadership in some countries.
  • The believers in the Santiago prison challenged my life like nothing else on the trip.  
  • The boat rides on the Amazon river, totaling over 30 hours, were unlike anything I have ever experienced and will ever experience again.

  • The gospel of Jesus Christ is alive and well in the jungles of Peru.
Peter and his ‘translator’

  • Fish
  • I am privileged to call many Chilean and Peruvian believers my friends.
  • Participating in the baptism of 6 new believers in the river was a thrill and a privilege.
  • Iquitos, Peru, our staging point for our boat rides to Pevas, is the largest city in the world that you can’t drive to.
  • I love to hear believers in other countries sing.
  • The American church has so many resources that it’s almost embarrassing.
  • The missionaries who served on the Amazon River in years past laid a great foundation.
  • The pastors that ministered in the Amazon region of Peru humbled me.
  • Adelphos is doing a great job around the world.

  • Preaching on Friday afternoon in Pevas was easily the hottest environment I have ever preached in. Just about killed my translator.
  • I thank God for again humbling me as I was able to see Him at work in this world.

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