This month on our blog, our authors have written about their Heroes.  For this month’s edition of Headlines, I would like to point you to some other ‘Heroes’ articles.  Enjoy.
  •  The Man Who Was My Father – This author was two years old when he moved to live with his grandparents.  He writes a moving tribute about his grandfather.

    “My grandfather looked like Abraham Lincoln without a beard. He was the most masculinely tender man I have ever known and the closest to Christ-likeness of any man I have ever watched. And I watched him all the time.”

  • “It’s time to stand back and watch what God is going to do” – Here’s another story of a Pioneer Missionary Hero – Harold Reiner, missionary to Brazil.  Harold just recently went home to be with his Lord.
  • Finally, here is a video from Voice of the Martyrs.  Watch a true Hero who was and continues to be persecuted for preaching about Jesus Christ.

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