God’s Plan is better than Planned Parenthood’s Plan
Abigail Marie Simpson – 2007

Planned Parenthood (PP) recently sent my wife a postcard.  It really ticked me off.  I’m obviously more sensitive right now because my wife is pregnant, but nonetheless, it really made me upset.  Granted, it was a ‘bulk mailing,’ but it really bothered me.  Just to be clear, I was extremely offended by a simple little postcard.

What is Planned Parenthood?  
If you know anything about PP, then you know that they are ‘the nation’s largest single provider of abortions.’  (source)  In 2009 alone, PP performed 332,278 abortions.  (sourceThat is an average of over 910 abortions every single day.  You would think that they would be somewhat deceptive and covert about their abortion services.  Nope.  They proudly list it with all of their services.  In fact, their website clearly states – “Abortion is a safe and legal way to end pregnancy.”

The postcard was dripping with irony.  The slogan read “We’re Here For You!”  What the postcard did not say was “We’re here to help you make a decision that you will regret for the rest of your life.  This decision may wreck your life with guilt.  It may keep you up late at night for the rest of your life.”   Planned Parenthood is not “here for you!”  They are ‘here’ to pad their wallets.  They are here to prey on scared women.

The slogan was simple, “We’re Here For You!”  My question was, “Who’s Here For the Baby?” Sadly, they do not bother to answer that question. 

Planned Parenthood’s Plan for My Child
Since that fateful trip to the mailbox, I’ve been asking myself, “What would PP’s plan be for my family?”  Well, given my wife’s extreme sickness, I have no doubt that they would recommend abortion.  My wife falls into the category of a woman whose life is endangered during pregnancy.  Most likely, they would tell us, “We can make you feel all better and take all of your sickness away.”  They would offer to murder my unborn child so that my wife would no longer be sick.  Further, they would have the gall to tell my wife that she would not live with regret for the rest of her life.  They would probably tell her that it is just a “routine procedure.” Abortion is anything but a ‘routine procedure.’  God has a special and unique plan for the child that is currently growing inside of my wife.  While I may not know what that plan is, I do not believe that it involves an abortion.

By now you may be asking, “What is the Point of writing about this?” 
  1. Awareness.  The main point of this post is to make sure that you know that Planned Parenthood is here in our town.  They have “two locations to better serve you” in Lakeland and Winter Haven.  Abortion is real and it is happening right around the corner.  This should make you weep and mourn. 
  2. Alternatives.  There are wonderful alternatives to Planned Parenthood.  LifeChoice Pregnancy Center (Winter Haven) and A Woman’s Choice (Lakeland) are both excellent resources for pregnant women.  Praise God, for these local pregnancy centers that are fighting for unborn children.  Praise God that they are working hard to help women.  These Pregnancy Centers can truly say “We’re Here for You and Your Baby.
  3. Action.  What can we do?  I do not think that we need to camp out in front of their offices.  I’m not convinced that this method is productive.  Instead, we should fervently support healthy alternatives to the insanity that is Planned Parenthood.  Support one of these local pregnancy centers.  Volunteer your time.  Send them your money.  Pray for them. Pray that Planned Parenthood simply becomes irrelevant and withers away.

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