Here is this month’s edition of Headlines – our monthly post where we feature articles and links from around the web that have recently caught out eye.  Feel free to leave a comment and let us know about a great article you’ve read recently.  It may appear in our next edition of Headlines. 

  • Tim Challies recently three-part series on his blog entitled The Weaker, The Stronger, The Homeschooler.  He shares some wise counsel. 

    Primarily I want to talk about how the Lord calls us to relate to one another—how homeschoolers are to relate to public schoolers and how public schoolers are to relate to homeschoolers.”

  • Desiring God has recently posted two excellent articles on their blog written by Rachel Jankovic.  Both articles dealt with the topic of Motherhood

    “At the very heart of the gospel is sacrifice, and there is perhaps no occupation in the world so intrinsically sacrificial as motherhood. Motherhood is a wonderful opportunity to live the gospel.”  (from Motherhood as a Mission Field)

    “Motherhood is not a hobby, it is a calling. You do not collect children because you find them cuter than stamps. It is not something to do if you can squeeze the time in. It is what God gave you time for.” (from Motherhood is a Calling (And Where Your Children Rank)

  • The Big Picture has a nice roundup of photos from the last Space Shuttle mission – ‘Space shuttle era ends with Atlantis.’

Now it’s your turn.  What ‘headlines’ have you enjoyed recently?  Leave us a comment and let us know.

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