(Bobby Thompson Jr., Bobby Thompson Sr., Dean Corbett,
Jim Phillips, & Caleb Padgett)

 When asked if, as the new youth pastor, Pastor Brock will continue the Cross Training program, he said he will keep pretty close to the program Pastor Bobby created.

“A lot of the kids have already done it. I want to keep the same scope and sequence. That will stay the same. I may change it a little bit, but that part will remain the same.”

One change may be greater use of the video lecture series that comes with the book Pastor Bobby used. Pastor Pete will use the video for variety, but “not every week,” he says, “because it would get redundant.”

The next Cross Training class will start in the fall for a six-week period. “We set that by which kids are going to be taking it and what works best for them,” explains Pastor Brock. “We try for six consecutive weeks; that doesn’t always happen.” Since the previous three-year cycle has ended, Pastor Pete says they’ll be starting back at the beginning with class 101, which is “The Christian Disciplines” and Scripture memory.

Like Pastor Bobby, Pastor Pete sees the program’s greatest strength/benefit as what it does for “kids who want to be serious about understanding Bible doctrine.” He explains that the Wednesday night youth program doesn’t provide enough time for in-depth study and has a different emphasis. He says:

“Cross Training amounts to a classroom-type situation. You can ask questions. It’s a much more in-depth doctrinal study than what would be possible to do otherwise. And it has worked out very well.”

Pastor Brock is looking forward to carrying on the Cross Training program:

“I’ve not had a chance to teach it because Bobby has done it. I’m looking forward to that opportunity to do that and to be with the kids—to become part of it and help the kids continue through the process.”

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