The Women’s Ministries of Faith Baptist Church sponsored a Ladies’ Retreat October 14 and 15 at Camp Gilead, Polk City, Florida.
“Broken and spilled out
And poured at Your feet

In sweet abandon, let me be spilled out

And used up for Thee”


That is one of the verses the “Retreat Choir” sang for us from Broken and Spilled Out.” That tune has been running in my mind since then. What a retreat! What a blessing I received from all that went on. But also, those words were true for me. Physically? By the time Dan brought me home after the retreat, I could hardly get up the three steps to get in the house. Spiritually? My Spiritual Cup is filled up and overflowing!


Early in the week, it was becoming apparent that satan did not want things to go well. I kept fighting a low-grade fever most of the week. Cancellations started coming in, all with good reasons, but it sure kept the book work busy trying keep up with it all. When Phyllis Foster had to cancel because of Jim’s surgery, I felt so bad for her because she had literally spent hours helping me with the retreat and was looking forward to it so much. Other problems kept showing up. All of us were praying that the Lord would pour out His blessings and challenge the ladies coming, us included. I started telling others that the Lord must be going to work mightily, because satan was fighting so hard.


From my perspective, the Lord got the victory. What a blessing it was as I watched the ladies fellowshipping and meeting new friends. Thanks to Nadine mixing us up at meals, we had to sit by our birth month at one meal and by our folder color at another meal. Then she had questions to be asked and discussed. The fellowship continued Friday night around the “S’more Time” by the bonfire. What a beautiful night the Lord gave us. The stars were out and the temperature was just right. Most of all there was not 6 inches of rain like the previous weekend.

Helen VanHorn performing in a skit.
Because of responsibilities, the General Sessions were the only parts I observed. The blessings from all the fantastic speakers, challenges, songs, skits, even Terri making us exercise filled my cup to “overflowing.” I watched the Lord answer prayers as some issues presented themselves for solutions. Did we make mistakes, yes, I am sorry to say. Yet, He never deserted us. 


Terri Hunter leading an exercise session.
Praise the Lord for allowing me to be used, stretched, challenged, but never abandoned. He was right with me giving the wisdom needed. Praise the Lord for all the ladies that helped, whether doing something before the ladies or behind the scenes. Praise the Lord!

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