We recently concluded our annual Mission Conference.   Here are some quotes and highlights from the weekend.

  • Chaplain John Murdoch, GARBC Chaplaincy Ministries
    • “If God calls your kids to serve him, don’t get in the way!”
    • “When Satan brings up your past – bring up his future.” – Chaplain John Murdoch
    • “God hasn’t asked us to be successful.  He has asked us to be faithful.”
  • Curt Jones, ABWE regional administrator for East Asia
    • “God has used persecution to make the Chinese church what it is today.”
    • “Most Chinese believers recognize the value of persecution.”
    • Curt quoted a Chinese believer who said, “We are not only ready to die for the Gospel, we are expecting it.”
  • Jim Blizzard, Local Director, Child Evangelism Fellowship
    • There are 144,000 children under the age of 18 in Polk County.
    • 81% of these children have no church affiliation
    • The crime rate in Winter Haven is WAY above both the national and state averages
    • 85% of those who come to Christ do so between ages 4-14.
    • “A child of 5 if properly instructed, can as readily believe and be regenerated as anyone.” – Charles Spurgeon

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