“Someone you know trusts Planned Parenthood”

Really?  Can this be true?  I recently saw this message printed on a new billboard in our town.  Previous billboards at this location have been much better.  They have promoted mouth-watering ribs from Sonny’s or a local A/C contractor.  But now, a giant billboard from the nation’s largest abortion provider greats all who drive by.

I have never been into a Planned Parenthood office.  I am afraid to go.  I am afraid of the emotions that would overwhelm me.  I am afraid that I would look at each employee or volunteer and wonder “How many unborn children have you helped murder?”  I cannot fathom trusting Planned Parenthood.  “Trust” and “Planned Parenthood” do not belong in the same universe, much less on the same billboard.

There are many things in life that we should trust.  I trust my children’s pediatrician.  I trust him completely to care for my children.  I trust my Pastor.  I trust that he will always tell me the truth – regardless of whether I like it.  I trust my insurance agent.  He has provided sound advice and is a good friend.  Most of all, I trust my Savior – Jesus Christ.

But, I do not trust Planned Parenthood.  Why would I trust an organization that profits from the destruction of life?  How can I trust an organization that murdered 331,796 unborn children in 2009 and another 329,445 in 2010?  (source)  Each abortion they perform destroys an unborn life and grievously harms the life of the mother.

One who trusts Planned Parenthood is like the child who whines and cries to get whatever he wants.  The child says, “I want a candy bar.”  The parent replies, “no.”  The child then whines and cries and stomps on the ground.  Finally, the parent decides, “Fine.  You can have the candy bar.”  In the child’s mind, they have just solved their immediate problem.  All their troubles are over.  Tragically, the child does not see the dangerous path he is traveling on.  He does not realize that he is on his way to being an adult who pitches fits to get whatever he wants.

Trusting Planned Parenthood is just like this.  A woman experiences a legitimate crisis.  Often it is an unplanned pregnancy.  She is unsure what she should do.  Planned Parenthood offers her a quick and easy solution to her problems.  She does not like the solutions she hears elsewhere.  To her, they all sound like the parent who says “No.”  So, she decides to ‘trust’ Planned Parenthood.  Just like the child, she gets her ‘candy bar.’  Just like the child, she fails to realize the dangerous path she is headed down.  She has started down a hard road of grief, regret, and guilt.

There are many solid alternatives to Planned Parenthood that are worth trusting.  But, they do not offer quick and easy solutions.  Rather, they offer long-term solutions.  They offer hope.  The best of these alternatives offer salvation through Jesus Christ.

So, please, I beg you, do not ever trust Planned Parenthood.  At first it may seem like they have helped you.  But, in the long run you will see that they were not worthy of your trust. 

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