Last November, Pastor preached a message from the life of David entitled “The Painful Path of Grief and Heartache.”  This message contained some powerful reminders for men.  So, with Father’s Day approaching, I thought it would be good to take another look at it. 

In his message, Pastor reminded us that sin always brings consequences.  As fathers, it is so important for us to remember this every day.  All of our sin has consequences.  Our sin affects the everyone around us. 

Pastor said,

The pain of the reaping always eclipses the pleasure of the sowing!”

In his message, Pastor identified 8 consequences that were a direct result of David’s sin.

  • A Son Dies
  • A Brother Violates a Sister
  • A Brother Hates a Brother
  • A Brother Murders a Brother
  • A Son Rebels and Runs Away
  • A Son Leads a Conspiracy
  • A Son Shames a Father
  • A Friend Murders a Son

Unbelievable.  Dads, remember, sin will destroy your marriage and your family.  

 Pastor closed his message with three reminders.

  1. David’s haunting cries calls to a wife or husband allured by the fantasy of a secret affair.  His cries call to the parent drawn to the busyness and rush of life that leaves little or no room for children.  His cries call to anyone who is tempted to exchange their future peace for the fleeting pleasures of sin.  Let me ask:
  • Are the selfish choices we so easily and casually cast to the wind, worth the whirlwind that waits to strike us and the ones we love?
  • If you are starting to veer into the path of carnality, thinking that you can do what you want and God’s grace will cover your tracks – STOP and THINK again.  Yes, God’s grace cancels the debt of sin, but it does not cancel the consequences of sin.  Yes, God’s forgiveness is sure, but so is sin’s painful fallout.  Before you make a terrible decision ask yourself:
    • How many innocent people will suffer in the wake of my sin?
  • The best time to brace yourself and your house against a storm is before the rain starts falling and the strong winds begin to howl.  Likewise the best time to protect yourself against the stormy consequences of sin is before temptation strikes.
  • On this Father’s Day, choose to avoid the painful path of grief and heartache!  

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