Maturity is becoming increasingly rare.  It is not natural.  It is a choice that we are all faced with.  Pastor Osborne recently preached from Philippians 4 and discussed the topic of maturity.  He defined maturity as

“the process of leaving behind childish habits and consistently moving toward emotional and spiritual adulthood.”

He further provided 10 ways in which maturity is expressed.  In other words,

You Might Be Mature If…

  1. You are concerned for others more than yourself.
  2. You discern the presence of danger before it is obvious and too late to leave or change it.
  3. You can express disagreements in a civil, kind, and adult manner.
  4. You use knowledge in wise & productive ways.
  5. Your goals are accompanied by action.
  6. Your compassion & involvement match awareness
  7. Your own spiritual growth is pursued privately & corporately.
  8. You have the determination to stay committed to a task.
  9. You have the courage to change when correction is given.
  10. You refuse to blame others for the bad consequences of poor choices.

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