Some highlights from David Totman’s Messages:

  • Friday Night “Pursuing God”
    • “The righteous pursue a relationship with God and enjoy its results.” 
    • “Can I describe my relationship with God as a ‘pursuit?'”
    • “The wise person chooses to ‘plant’ themselves near God.  The foolish person chooses the wisdom of the world and distances themselves far from God.”
    • The tree in Psalm 1 was planted ‘intentionally’ by the streams of water.  It was no accident.  
    • “Being blessed is a result of choosing the right path.  There is a blessing that comes from choosing to place ourselves right next to God.” 
  • Sunday morning “The Power of Influence”
    • “There is a lot of grey in our society today.” 
    • What are the major influences in my life?  We must be discerning about our sources of influence.
    • The righteous person avoids sinful influences.
    • The righteous person desires God’s influence.
    • “Is what is coming through your phone influencing you in a positive way?” 
Jeff & Becky Raymond

Jeff & Becky Raymond, Visual Communications Missionaries with ABWE

  • The Raymonds help other missionaries communicate clearly and effectively with their supporters.  
  • “Whatever God is asking you to do, He will give you everything you need to do it.”  Becky Raymond (from the Sunday night Q & A)
  • The Raymonds facilitate short-term mission assignments for professional photographers/videographers.  They will send them out to the field to help document a particular missionary or ministry. 
  • Prayer Requests:
    • Unsaved neighbors
    • Strength to face spiritual battles
  • visit their website –

Dan & Marsha Haynes

Dan & Marsha Haynes, Mali, FBM

  • “Serving the Lord as a long-term career missionary is not a sacrifice.  It is an honor and a privilege.”  Dan Haynes (from Sunday night Q & A)
  • The Haynes have had a long and fruitful ministry in Mali.  
  • Prayer Requests:
    • With the unrest and unstable situation in Mali, the Haynes request prayer for clear direction for their future. 
    • Malian Christians – That God would strengthen them during these difficult times. 
Dan & Sherri Lethers

Dan & Sherri Lethers, pre-field ministry, headed to Togo, ABWE

  • Both Dan & Sherri worked at Word of Life.  It reminded me of the importance and value of summer camp.  Many individuals and saved and called into ministry at summer camp.
  • Prayer Requests:
    • The people of Togo
    • That God would provide the resources to build the radio station in Togo
    • That their family would thrive in Togo
  • visit their website:

    Other Highlights:
    • Meeting Pastor Nouh, a persecuted Pastor from Mali – He spoke with so much passion and energy.
    • Pastor & Mrs. Nouh Yattara
    • Spending time with Colin & Teena Ovenell, ( FBM Missionaries from Benin.  They were passing through Winter Haven on their way to their home in Washington state.  It was good to spend some face-to-face time with them and to hear about their ministry.
    Colin & Teena Ovenell

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