What Makes a Great Mother

May is the time of year when we celebrate Mother’s Day.  Ephesians 6:2 reminds us that we are to “Honor your father and mother.”  It is always right to honor your mother.  This year, we invited members of our congregation to share with us the secrets of being a great mother.  Today’s post comes from Theresa Beveridge.

I have vague memories of my mother.  When I was very little my mother made the 3 of us mickey mouse ears so we could be one of the mouseketters! Cmon those of you that watched this, what did they say MIC (see you real soon!) KEY (why? because we like you!) M O U S E. I also have memories of coming home from school to find several loaves of freshly baked bread.  Yum!

Being that my father was a brick mason and did not have much work in the winter, it was never hard for my mother to make soup from going to the market and asking for bones. She could make any kind of soup out of any bones.

I was born in Arlington, VA.  I grew up in Mclean, VA.  We rented a farm.  From about 10 on we lived in Falls Church VA.  I was one of 7 children the 3 oldest were all married and gone. My oldest sister gave birth to her first son and 30 days later my mom gave birth to her baby.  The 4th oldest was still at home.

What I miss the most about my mother is her harmonizing gospel songs.  Some times she could get as low as a bass. She always liked the songs ‘Daddy sang bass momma sang tenor’ and ‘The Old rugged Cross.’


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