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May is the time of year when we celebrate Mother’s Day.  Ephesians 6:2 reminds us that we are to “Honor your father and mother.”  It is always right to honor your mother.  This year, we invited members of our congregation to share with us the secrets of being a great mother.  Today’s post comes from three small children:  Abigail (age 6), Esther (4), and Josiah (almost 17 months).  They write about their mommy ~ Nicki Simpson.  Actually, they told me, and I wrote it down :).

What is So Great About Your Mommy?
  • She takes care of us.”  Abigail
  • She hugs us.”  Esther
  • She tucks us in for bed.”  Esther
  • She takes us out to eat and to the park.”  Abigail
  • She takes us to the library so I can do my quizzes and get more books.”  Abigail
  • She takes us to church.”  Abigail
  • She coached our soccer team.”  Abigail
  • Abigail said her mommy is great because “She has us as her children.”
  • She taught me how to read.”  Abigail
  • She taught me how to read the alphabet books.”  Esther
  • She takes care of us and helps us when we are hurt by putting bandaids on our boo-boos.”  Esther
  • She reads books to us.”  Abigail
  • She is so great because of everything she endured to bring me into this world.”  Josiah
  • She lets me tickle her neck.”  Josiah

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