Faith Baptist is praying for and helping the A Verdade Missions Team go to Brazil July 15–23. But where did that name, ‘A Verdade,’ come from?

Angel Long explains:

Hannah thought of naming the mission trip this based out of John 8:31 and 32. “A Verdade” is “The Truth” in Portuguese. The prayer is that we would hold to Jesus’ teaching, be His disciples, and all know “The Truth.”

The team will wear shirts that say “A Verdade Brazil Missions,” which should get attention and generate inquiries and conversations. Angel says that is what happened at Chick-Fil-A when our church turned out to support the team.

Lots of people that don’t attend our church asked about what we were doing. So, many spiritual seeds of encouragement were planted too! Praise God. The church showing up in support for the mission was a real encouragement to the owner and managers too—with them even asking for us to please come back.

The missions group has been preparing in other ways as well, spending 10 weeks working through Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper. Angel says:

It was a real eye opener to our spiritual life and how we are using our God-given time and talents.

Angel hopes people will pray the following for the team:

Prayers would be that we would be used of God on His trip—from our preparing here to our future, even in our flight. May He totally use us for His glory, work in us for His kingdom, and work upon our hearts for deeper roots of fellowship with Him. Pray for all to know His love, grace, and mercy.

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