Financial Peace University is getting ready to start again.  It will resume on Sunday morning September 15th, at 8:45am.  Our FPU has undergone a leadership change.  Our longtime coordinators, Paul & Bethel Cleveland, have moved away.  Nate & Racquel Noel will be stepping into the important role of FPU Coordinator.  I thought it would be helpful to introduce you to Nate & Racquel.  

1. Please tell us a little bit about your family and how God brought you to Faith Baptist Church.

Nate, our girls Alexandra 8, Julia 7 and Olivia 4 years, and I moved to Florida from California a year ago last May of 2012. Nate is from Michigan and has always had the desire to live in Florida. We decided to take that step and leave California and my family, for another adventure. Nate moved to Florida to begin work and I stayed back in California for 6 more months while the girls finished off their school year. Nate spent the time away from us looking for our home and a church for us to attend. Faith Baptist was the fourth church Nate had visited, called me that evening and told me he had found the church we were going to attend as a family. I was very excited and got on the FBC’s website and began listening to Pastor Osborne’s messages.

2. How did you first get introduced to Dave Ramsey and FPU?

We first heard about Dave Ramsey through FBC and the past coordinators Paul and Bethel Cleveland. We have always had the desire to gain more knowledge on finances, how we should be allocating our money and how to leave a legacy for our daughters. It was actually the night before the first class, our doorbell rang at 10 pm and it was Paul to tell us they had found a volunteer to watch our kids during FPU giving us the opportunity to attend

3. How has FPU helped your personal finances?

We have had the opportunity to pay off our debt and accelerate paying off our mortgage with the tools Dave Ramsey gave us during the class. It has created numerous discussions between Nate and I regarding our finances and gave us a common goal of how and what we should be spending our money on.

4. FPU helps individuals and families get out of debt and stay out of debt. Why is debt such a bad thing?

Debt is such a bad thing because it can have the tendency to rule our lives and we lose focus on Gods instruction. Proverbs 22:7 says…‘the borrower is slave to the lender’. We do not want to be slaves to anyone other than Christ who has already paid our greatest debt, which we could have never paid off ourselves.

5. Is this class designed only for those who are deeply in debt? If not, who else can benefit from this class?

This class is NOT only designed for those deeply in debt. It is designed for those young and young at heart. This class is designed for those that have a lot of debt, little debt or even no debt. Dave Ramsey offers the steps needed to get ourselves out of debt and then to leave a legacy to our kids, family and our church.

6. I have often heard that the best part of FPU is the ‘discussion time.’ Can you explain this and why this seems to be so profitable?

Dave Ramsey presents a lot of helpful, useful information during his presentations. During the discussion time, we get the opportunity to share testimonies and how it has worked in all of our lives, which gives encouragement to all who attend.

7. Is there anything else you would like to share?

We are very excited and thrilled to be a part of FBC and Dave Ramsey’s no debt lifestyle! As Dave Ramsey says, “We want to LIVE like no one else so we can LIVE like no one else and GIVE like no one else!”


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