Waiting is seldom enjoyable.  We wait for everything.  We wait for the Doctor.  We wait for a table at a restaurant.  We wait at red lights.  Of course, this time of year, we are waiting for Christmas.  Children especially do not like to wait.  They are wonderfully impatient.

This time of year is commonly called Advent.  The word ‘advent’ means ‘coming.’  It is a time of year when we focus on the first ‘coming’ of Jesus.  He came over two thousand years ago to a manger in Bethlehem.  Traditionally, Advent begins the fourth Sunday before Christmas and ends Christmas Eve.

Waiting is not always bad.  Sometimes we experience powerful things during these times of waiting.  Perhaps it is a meaningful conversation with another patient in the doctor’s waiting room.  Perhaps you make a strong connection with a friend while waiting for a table at a restaurant.  Perhaps you are inspired by something on the radio while you wait at that red light.

The Advent Season is a time of waiting.  However, this waiting is something we should treasure and not dread.  In essence, we are waiting for the Savior.  With each passing day, our anticipation of December 25 should only grow.  It should grow, not because of the presents under the tree, but because of the one who was born.

So, this Advent season, do not minimize the waiting.  Maximize these days leading up to Christmas.  Allow the excitement to build.  Minimize the Christmas presents and maximize the Savior.  Minimize the latest Disney Princess and maximize the King of Creation.

That’s all for today.  Happy Friday.  Merry Christmas!


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