Legacy is word that is often used.  People talk about ‘leaving a legacy.’  Parents want to leave a legacy for their children.  Coaches want to leave a legacy of discipline and integrity for the teams they coach.  A Pastor may want to leave a legacy of Godliness to the church they lead.

When I think of Bo & Bonnie Standifer, the word Legacy comes to my mind.  In 2003, they started directing our orchestra at FBC.  For 10 years, they slowly and steadily built our orchestra.  Under their leadership, instruments were purchased, musicians grew and developed musically, and our orchestra built a solid repertoire.   Truly, they have left behind a legacy of excellence.  Our orchestra would not be where it is today without their dedication and hard work.

Last year, Bo & Bonnie decided that it was time for them to retire.  Sunday night, we will honor Bo & Bonnie.  Bo will lead our orchestra for one final time.  I invite you to join us as we show our love and appreciation for their years of faithful service.  Following the service, there will be a reception in the fellowship hall to honor Bo & Bonnie.

Bo & Bonnie are an example for all of us.  Take a moment and consider what legacy are you leaving behind?

That’s all for today.  Happy Friday!


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