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A large majority of our church never attends our Annual Mission Conference.   This often puzzles me.  My assumption is that most of these people do not even consider coming.  They have never come and so it does not even register with them as a possibility.  This is sad.  Personally, I look forward to our conference each year.

Our Mission Committee goes to considerable lengths in preparing this conference.  This three day conference has it’s own line in our budget.  Our committee spends months working on this conference.  Why do they do this?  Why does our church spend thousands of dollars on this conference?

Because – Missions is vital.

Without missions, a church will eventually cease to exist.  Missions could be considered the “business-plan” of the church.  This is how we grow.  We share the Gospel.  God saves souls.  We baptize them.  They join the church.  They are discipled.  The process repeats itself.  This is missions.  If we stopped doing this, our church would eventually dwindle away to nothing.  My opinion is this – No missions + Time = no church.

So, Missions is important.  World-wide missions is important.  Church planting is important.  Missionary Aviation is important.  Winter Haven Missions is important.  Our Mission Conference is important.  Let me quickly share 5 reasons why you should attend next week’s mission conference.

  1. Because we live in a dark world.  This should be obvious to you.  Our world is filled with darkness and sin.  It is everywhere.  It is pervasive.  Missions is needed because of our dark world.
  2. Because we are to “Let our Light Shine.”  Our theme verse for the conference says, “Let light shine OUT of the darkness.”  (2 Cor. 4:6)  You and I are to stand out in the darkness.  We are to stand firm on truth.  When the darkness is closing in on those around us, they should be able to look at us and see the hope-giving light of the Gospel.
  3. Because we should encourage those who take the light of the Gospel to these dark places.  Our missionaries minister in some dark places.  The simple act of attendance will be a tremendous encouragement to them.  It will communicate to them that we care about the work they are doing.
  4. Because your children need to be exposed to Missions.  I can say from experience that the Kids Konference is always phenomenal.  Two of my children have attended multiple years.  Do not be afraid of exposing your children to missions.  If God should call them to full-time missions, they desperately need your support.  Your children should attend this conference.
  5. Free breakfast.  Saturday morning.  8am.  All-you-can eat!  Free.  What else needs to be said?

My intention is not to guilt you into attending our Mission Conference.  My intention is to show you the value and the importance of our Mission Conference.  My intention is help you see its worth.  My hope is that you will develop a mindset that say, “I can’t wait for our Mission Conference.”  My hope is that you start looking forward to it each year with excitement and anticipation.

Missions is important.  May God help us “Let light shine out of darkness.”

See you Friday night, Feb. 21st, at 7pm!



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