Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor has gone to heaven. On Monday, we held a beautiful service at our church to honor her memory and to remember her life.  I do not believe it is an exaggeration to say that everyone who knew Jennifer was touched deeply by her life.  For several days I have been planning to write about Jennifer’s life.

As I think of Jennifer, I can clearly see three lessons that we should learn from her life and example.

Stop Complaining

Throughout her life, Jennifer endured constant physical difficulties. There were multiple hospital stays, frequent tests and procedures, and ever present oxygen. Yet, never once did I hear her complain. She was one of the most positive people I have ever known.  I have known too many people who have endured far less and yet complained far more.  Let us follow Jennifer’s example and stop complaining.

Choose Joy

Not only did Jennifer simply not complain; she chose to instead be filled with joy. She had a joyful spirit. She was fun to be around. It was fun to be her co-worker at the church. My wife looked forward to scrap booking alongside Jennifer. Jennifer did not let the trials she endured steal her joy. I am sure this was not easy. I am sure there were times when it was a tremendous struggle. But, whenever I was around her, Jennifer chose to be joyful. Jennifer understood that Joy is a choice.  Remember Jennifer and choose joy!

Work Hard

If you knew Jennifer at all, then you know how easy it would have been for her to just stay home and watch TV all day. No one would have faulted her for doing this. Yet, she chose to get up, get dressed, and go to work. She was not just a ‘warm body.’ She was an incredibly hard and devoted worker. The hole she leaves at FBC is big. From communicating with our missionaries, to processing missionary support checks, coordinating volunteers, working on the prayer concerns, and so much more; she has left some big shoes to fill.  Jennifer did not allow the circumstances of her life to become an excuse to avoid hard work.  Regardless of what happens in your life – Work Hard.

What About You?

I encourage you to take just a minute today and examine your own life.  How will people remember you when you are gone?  Will they remember a sweet and joyful person?  Will they remember you as a hard working person?  Or, will they remember your negativity?  Maybe they will remember your aversion to hard work.

I praise God for the life of Jennifer Taylor.  We can all learn from her life.  Let us remember her life and follow her example.


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