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It has been a while since I have talked to you about Amazon.  FBC has a somewhat unique relationship with  Basically, if we send them paying customers, they will send us money.  It’s kind of weird – but it’s also kind of simple.

Here’s how this works:

  • Visit
  • Near the top of the page hover your mouse over “Support FBC
  • ClickShop at Amazon” on the menu that appears.  This will take you to
  • Make your purchases

Will charge me more for purchasing items this way?

Nope.  Their prices are same regardless of whether FBC earns a commission or not.

Does FBC earn a commission on everything I buy?

Yes!  We receive a report of the items that were purchased.  We don’t know who purchased it, but we know what was purchased.  Consider just a few of the things that we have earned a commission for:

How much does FBC earn?

It varies depending on what you purchase and how many items you purchase.  Usually, it’s around 4-6%.

How much has FBC actually earned?

  • 2011 – $187.78
  • 2012 – $473.41
  • 2013 – $365.17
  • 2014 – $64.60 (so far)

So, we encourage you to shop at Amazon through one of our affiliate links.  Your purchases will help support the ministry of FBC.  Leave us a comment if you have any questions about this.

Have You Ever Purchased Anything from Amazon?

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