Faith Baptist Church associates with a fellowship of churches called the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches, affectionately called “the garb” by some. As long as Faith fellowships with this association, it seems reasonable to expect her membership—or at the very least her leadership—to know something about the GARBC. Do you know anything about it?

This article is not going to tell you about the GARBC, but it will point you to some resources that can enlighten you.

But first, a quiz

  1. Name five fundamentals of the Christian faith.
  2. Name three Biblical doctrines (teachings) that are under attack today.
  3. Name three Baptist distinctives.
  4. What is a fellowship/association as opposed to a convention?
  5. What form of church government does Faith practice and why?
  6. Why are Regular Baptists called “Regular” as opposed to Southern, American, Freewill, Landmark, Conservative, etc.?
  7. What compassion/service ministries fall under the auspices of the GARBC? Hint: Faith supports the directors of two of these ministries.
  8. What Bible and Christian literature distribution ministry is under the auspices of the GARBC? Hint: Faith supports the director of this ministry.
  9. Who was Robert T. Ketcham?
  10. Who was Paul N. Tassell? Note: “Doris Tassell’s late husband” and/or “Jill Osborne’s father” is not the answer we’re looking for here.


You can find answers in the following resources.

  1. Faith Baptist Church Statement “What We Believe”; GARBC Beliefs and Constitution
  2. Creation, Adam, and the Bible; the Baptist Bulletin
  3. Baptist Distinctives and New Testament Church Order by Kevin Bauder; Baptist Identity(Youth); Biblical Distinctives of Baptists (Adults); “Baptist Distinctives: Are They Important to You?
  4. Baptist Distinctives and New Testament Church Order by Kevin Bauder
  5. Faith Baptist Church Statement “What We Believe”; Baptist Distinctives and New Testament Church Order by Kevin Bauder
  6. One in Hope and Doctrine by Kevin Bauder and Robert Delnay
  7. GARBC International Ministries (Chris & Deb Hindal); GARBC Chaplaincy Ministries (John & Hope Murdoch); Baptist Builders Club (offering disaster relief through local churches, in addition to helping plant churches and aid struggling churches)
  8. Gospel Literature Services (Chris & Deb Hindal)
  9. Portrait of Obedience by Murray Murdoch
  10. Just Let Me Preach by Pastor Osborne!


Additional resources

A Biblical Theology of the Church, Mal Couch, editor

Baptists through the Centuries, David Bebbington

Biblical Separation, Ernest Pickering

The Doctrine and Administration of the Church, Paul R. Jackson

Don’t Ever Give Up, Robert Hunter Sr.

GARBC Overview

Principles and Practices for Baptist Churches, Edward T. Hiscox

Quest for Faithfulness, Paul N. Tassell

Coming soon to St. Petersburg

The GARBC is holding its annual conference in St. Petersburg, June 23–27.

  • This year’s theme is “The Essential Gospel.”
  • Jill Osborne will be speaking in a women’s workshop, “Balancing Work and Ministry.”
  • There will be 12 additional workshops on various topics.
  • Two Florida pastors will be preaching, among pastors and leaders from outside Florida.*
  • The conference includes separate children’s meetings, a youth conference, and Talents For Christ.
  • For more information visit the Conference website.

*Not all the speakers are Regular Baptists.


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