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Happy Fourth of July!  Two Hundred and thirty eight years ago our country declared its independence.  Over the years, countless men and women have fought and died for us to maintain that independence.  We truly live in the greatest country on the planet.  It is not perfect.  But, we are free.  We are free to worship our God.   Praise God for that Freedom!

There are certain symbols that I will forever associate with our country.  When I see them they immediately stir my emotions and remind me of our great country.  One is our flag.  Our flag is filled with meaning.  It has been carried all across the earth and even to the moon.

Another symbol is the Bald Eagle.  Bald Eagles are distinctly American.  They have “USA” written all over them.  No one thinks of another country when they see one.  Their beauty, grace, and strength are all qualities that define our country and its people.

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Take a minute today to thank God for our country.  Our country is not perfect.  There are many problems and frustrations.  Let’s not spend this Fourth of July dwelling on the problems.  Instead, let’s be thankful.  Praise God for the United States of America.  Praise God that you were born an American.  Praise God that you have the opportunity to live here.

Will you be thankful this Fourth of July?


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