The Totmans

The Totmans – Dave, Anora, Ereina, Trey, & Zoe


The Totmans have left Winter Haven.  They are quickly getting settled in Hungary.  And yet, in many ways, it feels like they are just around the corner.  Years ago, when missionaries left, they were not seen or heard from for years at a time.  Today’s realities allow for very different opportunities.  Thanks to modern technologies, the Totmans are merely a few clicks away.

So, let’s go visit the Totmans in Hungary.  Let’s go see what they are seeing.  Let’s go read about what they are doing.  Let’s go visit them through their website –

One highlight for me was reading what they titled “Our Journey.”

How does a girl growing up in the Midwest (Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin) meet and marry a boy from Bangladesh, Kenya, and upstate New York?  How do they meet in Pennsylvania, find a home church family in Florida, and end up being sent out to serve God in Cote d’Ivoire, Niger, and now Hungary?

Only God can orchestrate this kind of journey.  What an adventure obedience brings!”  (continue reading)

Other updates/articles they have posted include:

Take a minute today and ‘visit’ the Totmans.  Leave them a comment.  Tell them that you miss them!

Have a great Weekend!


PS – Last week’s post about the Art of Marriage Couples Retreat included a short promotional video.  Unfortunately, the video did not come through in the email.  Did you visit our site and actually watch the video?  I hope so…


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