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1995 was a big year for Faith Baptist Church.  We had been without a Senior Pastor for nearly two years.  However, all of that would change in March.  In March of 1995, 20 years ago, a young pastor moved his wife and four children from the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania to Polk County, Florida.  At the time, they moved into a parsonage on Lake Howard owned by Beymer Methodist Church.   They moved here to become the Senior Pastor of Faith Baptist Church.  To God be the glory, 20 years later, Pastor & Jill Osborne are still serving the Lord at FBC.

Wrestling with kids

Pastor being the ‘pony’ with his children shortly after moving to Florida.

I have been at FBC since the beginning of Pastor’s ministry.  When he came, I was a 13 year old student in the 8th grade.  I remember him teaching the teens in what was then the ‘old sanctuary.’  I can remember being a teenager and hearing him teach us about dating relationships.

“It starts with knowledge.  Knowledge leads to friendship.  There is no touching yet!!  Friendship leads to companionship…..”

Over the past 20 years, I have heard that lesson repeated time and time again.  In fact, just this past Sunday, Pastor was teaching the same concepts in the morning service.

For several weeks (and even months) I have been thinking about writing this article and about Pastor’s 20th anniversary.  I want you to think about the word ‘legacy.’  After 20 years, I believe it is appropriate to talk about the Legacy of Pastor Osborne.

  • He is a Man of Vision – This is a severe understatement.  He prays big prayers and dreams big dreams.  His vision let FBC to pay off debt early, purchase property, and build a building debt-free.  His vision led us to Faith’s 100 and even Faith Baptist Mission.  However, it was not vision alone.  It was vision coupled with faith.  Pastor had the vision and also the faith to believe that God could accomplish his vision.  Years ago, few believed that Faith’s 100 could actually happen.  Pastor believed.  Today, Faith’s 100 stands as a remarkable testimony to the power of our God and the vision and faith of our Pastor.
  • He is a Servant – We have a Pastor who loves us and who genuinely serves us.  If you ask him for help, he will help you.  He works tirelessly to meet our needs, both spiritually and physical.  He will come pray with you in the hospital.  He will come to your house in the middle of the night.  He will come hold your hand when your loved one dies.  For 20 years, FBC has been blessed with a Pastor who gives far more than he receives.
  • He is Faithful – In my opinion, this is the most important part about the past 20 years.  We have a Pastor who has not failed.  He has remained faithful to God.  He has remained faithful to his wife.  He has remained faithful to his children.  He has remained faithful to all of us.  In our society, Pastors give in to moral failure all the time.  Our Pastor has not done this.  We are not the victims of any moral failure on his part.  To God be the Glory.

There is no greater gift that God can give to FBC than a faithful Pastor.  For 20 years, we have been blessed beyond comprehension by Pastor & Jill Osborne.  We, FBC, need to fall on our knees and thank God for His gift to us.  Then, we need to rise and give thanks to Pastor & Jill for faithfully serving God at FBC.

We have much to be thankful for today!



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