Happy Father's Day

I am a ‘professional’ musician.  By this, I simply mean that I often get paid to play the piano.  For over 10 years, I have accompanied primarily one choir.  Just recently I started accompanying a second.  Often, as we approach a concert, I am asked to provide a short biography (bio) of myself that can be included in the program.  Here is a humorous example of what that bio might look like:

Stephen Simpson has performed in all the major concert halls around the world.  Since his Carnegie Hall debut at the age of 5, Stephen has been highly sought after for his inspiring and passionate performances at the piano.  Additionally, he is well known for his skills as a composer, having composed 37 operas and 79 symphonies.  As a composer he has been hailed as the most groundbreaking composer the world has seen since the time of Beethoven.  (In case you are curious, none of this is true…)

As musicians, our ‘bio’ is a pretty standard thing.  In it, we are supposed to list our accomplishments.  We often list where we were educated.  We may list what degrees or certifications we hold.  We may list the famous places in which we have performed.  Quite simply, it is where we brag about ourselves just a little bit.

I love reading the bios of other musicians.  It helps me get to know them a little bit better.  However, I am often disappointed by the lack of family information that musicians include in their bio.  Their bios often tell much about what they have done and very little about who they are.  Most of the time, they say little or nothing at all about their family.  A while ago, I decided that my bio would be different.

What greater accomplishment can there be than a family?

My bio lists that I have been married to the same woman for over 10 years.  This sentence increasingly puts me at odds with the world.  With this one sentence I can subtly communicate that I believe Marriage is between one man and one woman and is for one lifetime.

My bio also lists that I have been blessed with four children.  Far too many musicians (and people in general) choose not to have children because they are afraid of how children will interrupt their career.  With this sentence, my bio communicates that I have made family a priority in my life.  It communicates that I am not afraid of the hardships and disruptions that may come into my life because of having children.  It communicates that I am not afraid of the sacrifices that I may have to make.  It communicates that I am proud to be a father.

Being a Father is a great accomplishment.  It is unique gift from God that He does not give to everyone.  If you are a father, please recognize the special privilege that you have been given.  There is no higher achievement.  There is no greater honor.  There is also no greater responsibility.  I would rather be known as husband and father than as a ‘professional’ musician.  Men, I hope that you feel the same way.

Happy Father’s Day!


PS – Don’t forget about our Father’s Day Men’s choir this Sunday!  All men of all ages are invited to sing with us.  We will be singing “Jesus Paid It All.”  Join us in the chapel on Sunday morning immediately after Sunday School if you would like to sing with us.


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